In 2016 I paid $99 I didn’t have to spend trusting the course I signed up for was true. That I could manifest it back within days. A few days later I sold two tickets to my first hoop painting workshop for adults. That’s $1 profit.

I went on to manifest my hearts desires over and over again but one thing wasn’t adding up. I kept losing money and feeling stressed because deep down inside I didn’t feel good enough and I doubted my abilities.

That’s when affirmations changed my life. By 2017 I created my first deck of affirmation cards and started Speak 2 Your Soul. My mission to spread love and kindness one word and one act at a time. Why? Because of the feeling you get when you receive love.

I was finally ready for my next chapter that is when I began teaching The 3 A’s of Self Love. After numerous workshops it became evident the work I was doing was life changing but took constant daily practice. That’s when I began writing On Purpose with Purpose 365 in 2018 after I spoke on stage about creating happiness for Walk The Talk – Speaker Series.

So much has gone on between now and then. I could write stories after stories of manifestations and perfect alignments. Maybe one day I will because I have journals filled with such stories starting in 2011. In January 2019 I finally took the leap of faith and signed a contract with Renmeleon to design, illustrate, and publish On Purpose with Purpose 365. It is my life lessons that brought me here. It is from that space I teach.

Now here we are in 2020. I have created a low cost monthly membership were I teach from my heart and my book weekly. I offer a free workshop monthly. I spend my days how I desire. I am the author of my story. I’m in the group three times a day; four on Sunday’s because the work is daily. That means the growth is daily too. I want to invite you in. Are you ready to say yes to life? Are you ready to be the author of your story?

I am so grateful for this life. I am so excited to share it with you.

Learn more about my Annual Membership, Monthly Membership, and my Products such as my book On Purpose With Purpose 365 & the Deck of Soul-Full Affirmation Cards talked about above.