Soul-Full Movement

Soul-Full Movement |

Mission | Spread love one word (soul-full card) and one kind act at a time. 

How do you participate? You are two steps away! 

#1 Buy a deck of Soul-Full Cards to play.

#2 Give away one card at a time! Choose a random affirmation from your deck of 42 cards and give it to a friend, loved one, or a stranger.

The gift of love is priceless. You can make a difference in someones day just by offering a kind word.

SHY…Are you shy but want to share the love? You can still participate by leaving a post it note with one of the soul-full cards somewhere random in public for a stranger to find.

STAY TUNED…Starting January 2018: Apply to become a Love Ninja and put the Soul-Full Movement into action! Details coming soon!

Click HERE to order yours today!

What does Soul-Full mean?

To me it means listening to your heart and soul and taking inspired action allowing you to experience the fullness of what life has to offer. It also means sharing what gifts your soul has to offer with the world just by being you.


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