Soul-Full Movement

Soul-Full Movement

Would you like to gain even more love, focus, and positivity in your life? Purchase a deck of Soul-Full Affirmation Cards designed specifically to add a daily dose of love to your life and those you care about the most.

Soul-Full Movement Mission | Spread love one word (soul-full card) and one kind act at a time. <3 <3 <3

How do you participate?

#1 Buy a deck of cards!

#2 Ask to join the movement and I will send you a second deck for gifting. Leave me a note during the checkout. Click HERE to order yours today!

Give away one card at a time! Choose a random affirmation from your deck of 42 cards and give it to a friend, loved one, or a stranger. <3 <3 <3

Are you shy? You can still participate by leaving a note on one of the soul-full cards and leave it somewhere random in public for a stranger to find.

How do you use them for yourself?
Randomly draw one to three cards a day from the deck to receive an affirmation to focus on. Allow yourself to receive the blessing and truth behind each word by repeating the affirmation out loud for 20 seconds.

This deck of cards was designed to remind you of the wonderful truths of who you are. Each card has a specific meaning and color and these 42 words only scrap the surface of who you truly are.

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Includes 42 Words, Meanings, and Color Therapy.
| Abundant | Adored | Amazing | Authentic | Bold | Brilliant | Cherished |Confident | Courageous | Creative | Divine | Enough | Empowered | Extraordinary | Free | Focused | Grateful | Hopeful | Happy | Inspired | Joyful | Kind | Lovable | Loving | Magnificent | Magical | Open | Optimistic | Positive | Powerful | Precious | Receptive | Renewed | Resilient | Strong | Tranquil | Unique | Vibrant | Valuable | Whole |Worthy | Wonderful |

Size 3.5′ x 2 ” matte cards

To my International friends anything that is more than 8oz unfortunately cost me $14.75 to ship and therefore I must charge equally to cover the shipping.

Click HERE to order yours today!

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