On Purpose With Purpose 365

On Purpose With Purpose 365 3:1 Planner, Journal, & Self Discovery Workbook will be published very soon!!! Take advantage of the pre-order price and save! 

What if our purpose was a simple as living out our passions written in our heart? What if feeling and expressing our passions is all it took to live out our purpose? 

On Purpose With Purpose is a 3:1 Planner, Journal, and Self Discovery Workbook designed to create awareness, accountability, and inspired action on a daily basis. It was written in my heart, a self discovery process of it’s own.

Jump into the journey of living life On Purpose With Purpose 365 days of the year. Purpose by definition is: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. It is an intention. A thought out plan to live a certain way. Each of us are so different and the self discovery portion of the book is designed to help you jump into your heart and soul, to set the intentions and take actions that bring you closer to feeling and expressing the passions written in your heart and soul. 

Define, Apply, and Practice cultivating self love through Awareness, Accountability, and inspired Action.

Discover how to leverage your feelings and thoughts with your words and actions to cultivate a deeper sense of love for yourself and others.

Gratitude and affirmations reminders to amplify your day. 

Track VIP’s (Very Important Personally) and MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) with the 52 week planner and journal space.

Magnetize your money with the money magnet monthly budget sheet. 

Take advantage of the online support community when you feel stuck or unsure about a self discovery exercise.


Thank you for your support and for joining me on this journey of living life on purpose with purpose. 

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