Feed Your Soul . . . You Will Grow

When planting seeds we don’t stomp on the ground and yell at the seed to, “Hurry up… I’m ready.” 

We provide it with proper soil, fertilization, water, and light.  We also give it the space and time it needs to grow and to break the surface of the soil.

If we were to yell at it and stomp on the ground, it wouldn’t help or speed up the growth.  In fact, it could have the opposite effect:  stunting or eliminating the chance for the seed to ever break the surface and grow into the beautiful creation it was designed to be.

It works the same way for you:  yelling at yourself or giving yourself a hard time will not help your growth.  Like these precious seeds, you need space and time for yourself.  You also need to be patient and need a proper soul diet to grow and become the beautiful creation you were designed to be.  Your beautiful authentic self!

You know how important fresh water and food is to your diet.  In the same sense, your soul diet is equally important. Your intentions, words and actions directly impact you in a good or bad wa,y depending on your choice.  Your words represent  your “Soul Diet.”

What does your soul diet “Soul Diet” consist of?

Ask yourself….are you feeding your soul in a way that encourages love and growth or are you stomping on your soil?  This video might help you visualize it.

How Does One Feed Their Soul?

With love.  What kind of love?  Love is an action… and you can take control over what you can do.

You can demonstrate love through your physical and energetic reACTIONS and choices, one moment at a time.

On the physical side, you can control what you eat, how you treat your body, the amount of rest you get, and how you spend your time

On the energetic side, you can control the words you say about yourself and others; and how you respond to your feelings and emotions.

It is a balance of your energy and the action you take.

Why Is it Important To Feed My Soul?

Your intentions, words, and actions directly impact you, whether good or bad.

So ask yourself… What does my soul diet consist of?

Are you feeding your soul with words that encourage love and growth?

Or… are you feeding your soul with negative words that create limited beliefs, lack, doubt, worry, and stress.

It is never to late to change you soul diet, in fact if your here, now is the perfect time to start.  Be sure and check out my other free resources and Shop.

– Amie Crites, March 21, 2017

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