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About Your Breakthrough Coach:  Amie Crites

I’m Amie Crites and I created this space to share my gifts with the world and to inspire YOU to share yours! Each of us are unique and when we tap into our passions I believe we tap into our purpose. It is from this space we can each share our unique gifts positively impacting the world we live in.

In 2016 I was posed the question, if it were not for time or money what would I do?

Insecure and unsure of the how, I wrote on a piece of paper that I would become a speaker, teacher, and author. That my focus would be love. I accomplished speaking on stage after overcoming fear and self doubt in 2018 (watch the video above). This was after I founded Speak 2 Your Soul and began teaching The 3 A’s of Self Love in 2017 at numerous venues. Flash Forward to January 2019 I signed a contract to produce and publish On Purpose with Purpose 365, a 3:1 planner, journal, and a self discovery workbook with 52 personal breakthrough lessons to help individuals like you transform your mindset and life.

December 2019 I held the first copy in my hand and began shipping out books to the first of many that would purchase a copy.

Everything I wrote in 2016 came to fruition and now I’m sharing everything that got me here with you. Over the past five years I’ve been honored to teach thousands of men and women like you how to breakthrough limitations that lead to life transformations through numerous workshops and speaking engagements. What I’ve learned as a result is we are always growing and expanding into our next best version no matter what level of personal growth we find ourselves at and that includes me.

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